1701 Studio Team

1701Studio Team




Marc/Gentleebrutal was introduced into the world of kink in 2012. Rope was my entry point into this world and since then my passion continues to keep growing. I love the intimacy, connection, and trust one can build within rope and a person. The energy and creativity I receive from these moments are an endless journey of growth and discovery. I am lucky enough to have had great mentors that have taught me the beauty of Kinbaku.

Gentleebrutal has taught classes for CARE/SORE, private lessons, ARS, and SADDE all in Austin, Tx. I have also taught at:

  • Ropecraft Austin (2018?)
  • Ropecraft Chicago(2019, 2022)
  • Ropecraft homebound.(2020)
  • Tethered Wifi (2021)
  • Tethered Together (2022)
  • Brooklyn Library (2022)
  • Tiny Space in Denver (2022)
  • Oblige in detroit (2022)
  • ARC (Austin Rope Collective)
The ARC program was build in collaboration with the heartlandkinbaku.com.



The world of kink has opened up an amazing journey in my life and when I discovered rope it quickly became a huge enjoyment of mine. The place it takes me, along with the challenge, is a blissful feeling. I love the animalistic energy I feel flow through me and the joy I recieve from pushing and continuing to learn new things. Connecting, growing, and energy are very important to me and I love when that comes through in my ties.



Gentleebrutal and PedalGirl have taught intensives, privates, and performed together locally/ at different venues all over the US. We find our rope to be connective, fun, creative, and splashes of a sadistic style with lots of delicious sounds. We enjoy safely pushing boundaries and discovering all the wonderful things that come with creating. Rope has been a space for us to continue to grow and share with others around us. From teaching to just tying us two, it has been a wonderful connective growing journey.