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Learn Japanese influenced Rope Bondage / Shibari

April session cancelled.


What is Shibari?

Shibari is a contemporary form of rope bondage that is originated in Japan. Sometime it's also called kinbaku or Japanese bondage.
Shibari literally transalte to "to tie" or "to bind", it's is the art of beautiful patterns, knots and to restraints. Kinbaku add an extra element to shibari, which mean "really tight bondage".
Safer Play: Before getting into shibari, please learn about the 4C's of Rope and review the code of conduct before visiting the 1701 Studio.
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Single Column Tie turorial

Learn how to do the Summerville Bowline Single column tie
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Tethered Together 2023 Front Strappado/Agura sequences with Marc (GentLeeBrutal) and Jordyn (PedalGirl)

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Learn rope bondage through the ARC program

The Austin Rope Collective is a Curriculum of 4 modules for those willing to invest the time in their rope education. Each module is sold seperatly.
  • Module 1: Foundations (4 weeks)
  • Module 2: Intermediate Technique and Partial Suspensions (12 weeks)
  • Module 3: Introduction to Statis Suspension (4 weeks)
  • Module 4: Advanced Suspension (2 classes per month)
If you prefer learning through private sessions or if you are interested in photoshoot, please contact us.



M and M Box tie video tutorial

Why a new box tie? In general, the box tie position create a lot of stress on the shoulder and can be difficult to sustain.
This M&M box tie is significantly less stressful on the shoulders and is very sustainable.
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