Austin Rope Collective Program

Austin Rope Collective Program

ARC program is based on a modular foundation curriculum and ongoing advanced classes.
Classes are located 2 min from downtown Austin at 1701 Studio.
Module classes are on Tuesday evening from 7p-10p.

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Private Lessons

Private lessons are available to anyone at any time if the module system isn’t viable for their schedules. Please email for rates and scheduling.

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Module Breakdown

Module 1 - Foundation(4 weeks):

The curriculum will cover basic physical safety; emotional safety, communication, power dynamics, and negotiation; cultural and historical context; body manipulation and physical connection, scene building, and a range of Japanese inspired rope techniques and patterns that will empower participants to confidently top and bottom a diversity of floor based (non suspension) rope scenes.

Module 2 - Intermediate Technique and Partial Suspension (12 weeks):

The curriculum will cover more advanced anatomy and safety knowledge, foundational suspension ties adapted for partial suspension, more advanced tension and placement awareness, how to safely tie suspension lines, and how to combine knowledge acquired thus far to create a diversity of partial suspension based scenes, and a variety of bottoming skills to prepare bottoms for the physical and emotional experiences of intense rope scenes.

Module 3 - Introduction to Static Suspension (4 weeks):

The curriculum will cover a range of introductory suspension techniques, presenting themes and elements in exercises designed to give students an understanding of how suspension works, and how you can organically evolve and build suspension based scenes adapted to each partner you play with. The final class will introduce techniques to begin transitioning in the air.

Module 4 - Advanced Suspension (2 classes per month):

This class is an ongoing open ended class for anyone who has been through our foundational curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

When/where are the classes and how long are they?

Class will be held Tuesday at 1701 Studio. Doors open at 6:45pm for settling and social time, class starts at 7p sharp. We end around 10p.

When are the open practices/jams?

Jams or play time is every Thursday evenings, also at 1701 studio. Start at 7p, end at 10p. They are open to people who have completed or are enrolled in one of our programs, or the tying partners of our students.

Do I need to apply with a partner?

Students should apply as a top/bottom partnership for each module/class they are attending. If you are a top attending an intermediate/suspension class with a bottom who didn’t take our earlier classes with us, it is your responsibility to make sure they are caught up on bottoming skills, practice time in rope, risk awareness, communication, judgment, etc. If you need help having that conversation, let us know and we can help guide you.

What happens if I can’t make it to a class?

You might be able to make it up the next month if we are repeating the module you are taking, or you can just come to the open practices/jams and get caught up by a fellow student or one of the instructors, if they have time.

Are there any non-technical requirements to remain in the course?

Students will be expected to maintain exemplary ethical conduct in the community and abide by ARC’s written code of conduct and statement of values. Students may be asked to leave the program after serious and unresolved violations of our code of conduct and values.

Is sexual play allowed?

We all agree that rope can be a sexual and erotically charged play. While we encourage all of our students to full express themselves in rope, we must limit the amount of sexual play during classes as to not distract other students. The following will not be allowed: no play under bottom undergarments, no overtly sexual play, and no use of vibrating toys. If you are unsure if something you would like to do is allowed please ask. This is not an exhaustive list and will be periodically updated.

Can I have one of the facilitators give my partner a rope experience (i.e. bondage ride)?

While we believe that having an experienced rope top can sometimes enhance a rope bottoms journey, that comes to close to our policy of not scening with students and therefore we cannot provide that type of experience.

Do you teach private lessons?

We sure do. This might be a fit for you if the module schedule doesn’t align with yours, or if you feel you learn best with a lot of 1:1 attention. Email us at for more info or