1701 Studio 4Cs

The "4Cs" or ROPES

The fundamentals of Shibari are based on 4 connected notions: Confidence, Consent. Conscience. Communication Shibari is a powerful practice physically and emotionally, and it is for its intensity that we love it! This practice requires awareness of the risks and the constant prevention of them.

Physical risks are generally thought of, but Shibari practice can expose emotional risks that can leave invisible, painful and lasting wounds. Shibari is a practice in which each participant has responsibilities for physical as well as psychological security.

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Before bondage, build trust !
Before tying with a new partner:
  • Take time to talk to this partner to establish a relationship of trust;
  • Find out about this partner by checking their references with several people you trust (Ideally already having practice with their partner).
Beautiful pictures are not a pledge of confidence...
During your first rope session with a new partner:
  • Be cautious (inform a relative, bring someone you trust, have an established safe word, etc.);
  • Use collective spaces, like local Shibari studio.
If you have any doubt, it's better not to tie
During a rope session:
  • Respect the trust you have been given.

Respect for consent is the absolute rule of Shibari practice.
Before a rope session:
  • Ask yourself what you are looking for in this practice (aesthetic, erotic, D / s, SM, acrobatic, relaxation, etc.) talk to your future partner and make sure your expectations are in line;
  • Report your health, anatomical, and psychological difficulties and the necessary adjustments / vigilances;
  • Define a safe word and agree together on an immediate action when the safe word is used;
  • Set body boundaries (face, hair, neck, intimate parts, etc.) and practice (nudity, caresses, impacts, sexuality, etc.). Limits are set for the current rope session and must be reviewed at each session.
Respect for consent is the absolute rule of Shibari practice.
During a rope session: As in any intense sport, hormones (adrenaline, endorphin, oxytocin, dopamine) secreted by the body of each partner can lead to a modified state of consciousness. In these circumstances, the limits you have set must not be discussed again during the session. Nevertheless, you are free to withdraw your consent at any time.
Limits are not to be negotiated, consent is to be respected.

Practice in full possession of your abilities is a guarantee of security.
During a rope session:
  • Bondage should always be done sober / unaltered state of mind.
Be careful not to do rope if you are:
  • Tired or agitated;
  • Having intense emotions (excited, sad, angry, etc.);
  • Under the influence (medication that would impact your ability to drive a car, alcohol) or illicit (drugs).

Ropes are not handcuffs or chains, but you must have the key: communication
Before, during, and after a rope session:
  • Keep the dialog going.
After a rope session:
  • Take good care of your partner(aftercare);
  • Take time to talk about the experience, good and bad.
As a rigger:
  • Never leave your rope partner unattended;
  • Anticipate what can hinder communication: noisy environment, inability to express oneself, difficult breathing, physical difficulties;
  • Be aware of your partner, adapt and react according to the difficulties expressed or detected.
As rope bottom/Model:
  • Know, accept and communicate your limits;
  • Immediately report an unwanted or abnormal situation.
Each partner:
  • Has free will;
  • Must be able to express themselves without guilt;
  • Must be able to say no matter the situation, the reputation or the relationship with the partner.

Responsibilities of Shibari practice are shared and it is up to everyone to respect these "4Cs":
Sharing your good and bad experiences contributes to the collective awareness of the issue of respect and consent on the ropes. The rope community and local Shibari associations are at your disposal.

This flyer is only an information medium, it can not replace a course or discussions with people with experience in the field.
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